Fantasy Art

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Reading GlassThis was use for the Science Fiction Book Club's Special Collectors Issue of their monthly listings.
Dragon Tales
Dragon Dance
In the House of Stone and Light
Broken Wings
KatsThis costume actually exists.
Windows and Walls
Winter Dragon
Summer Dragon
GatecrasherThis was done for the cover of a game.
Dream Hunters
Rainbow Falls
The book of the Dark Dragon
The Gates of the Necropolis
The Power of Instinct This was done for the cover of a young adult Novel.
Better than Bubbles
The Cave
Little One
Dagger Spell
In the Park
A Midsummer's Daydream

River Escape

This was the third cover I did for a young adult series.
The Return
Celtic Treasure
This is a little mural I did on the airfilter cover of a guy's Harley.