Sombrero Galaxy

M 104

Telescope: Explore Scientific ED80ES Field FlattenerMount: Celestron AVXCamera: Canon Rebel T6 un-modified Baader Moon and Sky Glow FilterAPT for Camera control and ditheringPHd2 for Guiding with a SSAG (Orion StarShoot Autoguider) camera
M 104 Sombrero Galaxy5-13-20ISO 8008 - 240 sec subsAbout 20 each of Flats, Darks and Bias framesStacked with DSSProcessed with Photoshop CS4 plus Astronomy Tools and Gradient Xterminator

Name: Sombrero Galaxy

Catalog #: M104

Visual Magnitude: 8.0

Apparent Size (arcmin): 9 x 4

Distance (kly): 50,000

Below is a close-up version of this photo.