Pleiades M 45

Pleiades M 45 8/5/21
Telescope: Celestron Rasa 8"Mount: Celestron AVXCamera: ZWO ASI294 MC ProGuide Scope: Deluxe Mini 50mm Guide Scope with Helical FocuserGuide Camera: Orion StarShoot AutoguiderFilter: Baader Moon and Sky Glow FilterBin: 1x1Gain: 121NINA for Camera control and ditheringPHD2 for GuidingSubs: 319 - 20 sec RGBCalibration Frames - 30 each of: Flats, Darks, and Dark Flat framesStacked with APPProcessed with Photoshop CS4 with Astronomy Tools

Name: Pleiades

Catalog #: M 45

Visual Magnitude: 1.6

Apparent Size (arcmin): 110

Distance (kly): 0.44