Whirlpool Galaxy

M 51

Whirlpool Galaxy M516/24/20 Telescope: Explore Scientific ED80ES Field FlattenerMount: Celestron AVXCamera: Canon Rebel T6 un-modified Guide Scope: Deluxe Mini 50mm Guide Scope with Helical FocuserGuide Camera: Orion StarShoot AutoguiderFilter: Baader Moon and Sky Glow FilterISO 1600APT for Camera control and ditheringPHD2 for GuidingSubs: 6 - 180 sec subsCalibration Frames - 25 each of: Flats, Darks, Bias and Dark Flat framesStacked with DSSProcessed with Photoshop CS4 with Astronomy Tools and Gradient Xterminator

Name: Whirlpool Galaxy

Catalog #: M 51

Visual Magnitude: 8.4

Apparent Size (arcmin): 11 x 7

Distance (kly): 37,000

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